You need to be a player with great willpower but you can learn the Baccarat rules quickly enough.

Baccarat Rules: For beginners in online casinos

In fact, even a novice, who has never held a card in his hands, will deal with rules of Baccarat in five minutes. In short, this mini card game appeared in Europe.

By the way, residents of as many as three states are still arguing over which one. We are talking about France, Italy and Spain. Most still tend to believe that it was Sicily that became the place where they first started playing and betting.

Baccarat game rules

When you run Baccarat rules assume the presence of from 2 to 8 decks. In this case, no more than 14 people can play. In order to win, you must score 9 points. The combination with 8 points is also considered quite profitable. If a player or dealer has a total of less than 8 points, then the rules of the game in Baccarat allow obtaining a third card, but certain conditions must be met.

For a dealer, there are strict mini Baccarat rules for buying a third card, which depend on the combination of player cards:

  • If the player did not take the third card, the dealer has no right to take it too, having more than 6 points on hand;
  • With a total of three points, the dealer can buy a third card in the absence of a player of eight points;
  • If the dealer has only two points, he can in any case take the third card;
  • With more than 7 points of odds in hand, the dealer cannot buy the third card under any circumstances;
  • Having received 5 points after passing the fold, the dealer can take the third, provided that the player does not have a card with a face value of 4,5,6 or 7 points;
  • If the dealer has 4 points and the player does not have cards with 0, 1, 8 or 8 points, the dealer can take the third.

Baccarat rules: how to find the winning strategy

The only mathematically based strategy of the game that will provide the user with profit in a long-term gaming session is a bet for a player’s victory.

  1. Strategy 1-3-2-6 – if the user has lost, he simply starts the scheme again. Thus, the use of such a strategy will help the player to increase the advantage over the online gambling establishment;
  2. The basic strategy – it is not a secret for anyone that in Baccarat the user has the right to make three types of bets for: the dealer, himself and the drawing. Thus, each of the bets gives the player a certain percentage of the advantage. So, let’s say, when betting for a dealer, a gambling establishment has just a little more than 1% advantage. If we talk about the rate for themselves, the institution receives a 1.29% advantage. The most inefficient bet, which, according to the basic strategy, should be avoided, is a bet for a draw, which gives an advantage to a gambling establishment in more than 15%. Despite the high odds according to the latest rate, it is unprofitable. So, you do not bet for a draw.

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